YZC Group

About YZC Group

The YZC Group is a medium-sized conglomerate of companies active in the manufacturing industry, and more specifically in the Infrared Remote Control industry, based in Singapore. The Group is comprised of four different companies, each with their own identity and specialization, but all serving the same objective: to provide a revolutionary way for people to interact with their electronic equipment.

1988   –  Kay's Manufacturing Pte Ltd. was founded, specialized in the design and manufacturing of a range of products for PCB assembly operations.

1992   –  Credmax Technologies Pte Ltd was founded, specialized in the trading of semiconductors, and is nowadays a distributing agent for Sanyo Semiconductors in the Asia-Pacific region.

1996   – YZC Electronics & Technologies was founded, specialized in the design and manufacturing of infrared and wireless remote control equipment, a segment in which it is currently considered a leader on a worldwide level.

2008   –  YZC (Shenzhen) Electronics & Technologies was set up, as an integrated way to maintain and manage production and sales for the Chinese market.

Since its first day of operations, the YZC Group has worked tirelessly to achieve the status it has in the market today, of being a worldwide reference in the Infrared Remote Control industry, in terms of product and service quality, professionalism, and innovation.


About YZC Electronics & Technologies

YZC Electronics & Technologies is the worldwide leader in the industry for infrared and wireless remote control technology and equipment. Ever since its creation in Singapore in 1996, the company has been growing at a steady pace, striving for every product to come out of their factories to be a sensory feast for the ears and the eyes.

Amongst the most successful products designed and manufactured by YZC Electronics & Technologies is the renowned and revolutionary Infrared Repeater / Infrared Extender, which has set the de-facto standard for the infrared remote control technology market from day one. The technology is being applied by the company in the creation of cutting-edge audio-video solutions and wireless AV transmissions.

The company's innovative hardware, its proprietary technology, and its applications and services allow clients to experience high-quality infrared and wireless technology integrated seemlessly into their lifestyle. That is also one of the main reasons for which YZC Electronics & Technologies has won numerous international awards and accolades over the years. These include the prestigious International Consumer Electronics Accesories Show “Best of ICEAS”-award for three consecutive years in a row (2009, 2010, 2011).

YZC's Worldwide Headquarters and the Worldwide Sales Office are located in Singapore, in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, and YZC Shenzhen to maintain and manage the production and sales activities related to the Chinese market.